OmniVideo Will Change What And How Much People Watch

The passing of the torch from TV to OmniVideo will produce specific changes in viewers’ lives — Most important, OmniVideo will drive the average total viewing time up 25% between now and 2013, from 4 hours to 5 hours per day, as people:

·  Use new platforms to “enhance” old viewing patterns. Producers ask: “Will my ratings dip even lower because people will have so much to watch and so many ways to watch it?” The answer in the five-year time frame is no. The first thing people want to do with a new platform is watch their favorite shows in a more convenient context. That’s exactly what has been happening with portable devices and especially online TV viewing. [See my Forrester Report, What It Really Means To Watch TV for more on this]. As a result, the viewing of favorite programs actually increases, adding an estimated 30 minutes of viewing a day by 2013.

·  Snack on new content to fill spare moments. As nontraditional – especially portable – video devices become normal parts of everyday life, viewers will gradually find other things to watch. They will want video they can snack on — short, 5-minute clips that fill the empty space between other activities, be it in the kitchen waiting for a buzzer to go off, in the conference room waiting for yet another meeting to start, or at the bus stop waiting for the overcrowded bus to arrive. This will add an estimated 20 minutes of video to the typical viewer’s day by 2013. 

·  Add personal background loops to their lives. Imagine a VH1-style Behind The Me documentary that intelligently assembles itself based on what it learns about you over time, keeping a current video diary of your life and times, accessible and running in a background loop on any display in your environment — TV, PC, portable media player, phone, or digital photo frame. This will add just 10 minutes of video viewing to the typical viewer’s day by 2013 because few people will do it; however, for those few who have a personal video loop running on a digital photo frame, it will add hours of video per day. 


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