Netflix up to 12,000 streaming titles

There they go again, challenging conventional wisdom (and conventional revenue planning). Netflix has managed to pay Disney, CBS, and now Starz to get a few thousand more titles for its streaming service. Read about it on the Hollywood Reporter.

This  brings the list of all-you-can-eat titles up to 12,000. All without charging you a single centavo for the additional content. I must confess that I am a Netflix streamer. It’s not the best content (although apparently that’s gradually changing), but it sure is easy to get to. And with my Netflix/Roku box, I have nearly instant access through a simple interface to all 12,000 of these titles. No wonder a certain research firm ranked Netflix/Roku the best over-the-top set top box of the current crop. Imagine what it will be like when you can access your Netflix account via PC, Roku, Xbox 360, and your LG Blu-Ray player. 

Tell me again why no one else is going after this business model? Sure, there’s that whole “extra content for no additional revenue” thing, but if you want to have a foothold in the living room, this is sure a good way to to get in there.

2 Responses to Netflix up to 12,000 streaming titles

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