Fancast campaign offers new program “grid”

I love this take on the old programming grid. You know, the kind you used to look up in your newspaper each morning to see what was on that night? (Flashback: me, in my parents’ room, looking for the E section of the newspaper so I could see if the episode of Three’s Company on that night was new or a rerun.) 

Fancast’s take on it highlights all the reasons why online video is so successful. Instead of 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, and so on on the left side, the row headers read: “Mad Early,” “Whenever I Want,” even “During Work,” (not that anyone would condone such a thing, I’m sure). Not only is the campaign (via email and the Sunday New York Times) witty, but it’s practical — you can filter shows by meaningful categories or click on a show to read more or launch the player. I obviously chose Gilligan’s Island, and was rewarded with a picture of Mary Ann, who I pick over Ginger any day. Wow, that’s effective targeting, Fancast!

This is the kind of consumer-friendly energy that cable MSOs like Comcast (which owns Fancast) aren’t traditionally expected to manifest. But given the likelihood of cable cord-cutting in the coming years (see my post on that), it’s wise for Comcast to start building these consumer connections now.


One Response to Fancast campaign offers new program “grid”

  1. fancastfan says:


    Thanks for the nice words to Fancast and I’m glad you discovered us. As you note, we have an unparalleled library of totally free TV shows (movies too.)

    You can just browse around and find great new shows you have been hearing about – or catch up on some classics you haven’t seen in a while (I’ve been watching some Mary tyler Moore classics from the Golden Age of CBS sit-coms – you can’t find them too many other places now and it’s great to see them again!:)

    Your readers may like to check out the library.

    TV shows are at

    And movies at

    Jim (for Fancast)

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