Convenience is the key to technology success – free Webinar

I want to share with you the link to my recent Forrester Research Webinar called Why Convenience is  King. This free webinar is usually the kind of thing we reserve for clients only, but it’s a big idea and we’re eager to share it with the world. It includes a very detailed description of our Convenience Quotient methodology, something that is getting great traction among our clients and will form the backbone of much of our research for the next few years — starting with media devices since that’s what I cover, as well as other consumer technologies. Yet many of my colleagues in financial services, retail, automotive, and even healthcare are working to apply the method to their own research areas. Should create a very fertile field of research. To stay on top of it, click through to the free replay of the Webinar.

Why Convenience Is King – creating winning product strategies

On demand Forrester Webinar available. Original air date: Jan 29, 2009.

To successfully launch or revamp products or services, you must keep convenience high. Achieving high levels of convenience requires offering compelling benefits while reducing barriers to consumer use. Principal Analyst James McQuivey explains how to identify the specific improvements required to increase the benefits or decrease the barriers that stand in the way of consumers. James covers:

  • Why Convenience is King
  • How the Convenience Quotient can guide your strategy
  • What Forrester can do to increase your CQ

Click here to play now. 

2 Responses to Convenience is the key to technology success – free Webinar

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  2. […] video related, including the expanding library of reports and analyses we’re doing on the Convenience Quotient methodology we created at Forrester. I’ll still update my Twitter feed when I post on the new blog, so […]

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