About OmniVideo

The word “video” just isn’t big enough to encompass all the exciting things happening in the world of video.

So I had to invent a new word: OmniVideo. It’s exactly what it sounds like: all-video. Any moving image that people want to see, whether on TV, DVD, at the movie theater, on a cell phone, or the PC, OmniVideo includes it. OmniVideo is officially defined as:

The future state of television and video where consumers view content on any display, regardless of who produced it or how it was delivered, and once available for viewing can be remixed and annotated in ways that are meaningful to individual viewers.”

I’ve written about OmniVideo as part of my coverage at Forrester Research in a report called How Video Will Take Over The World. I will often cite my research on this blog. If you’re a Forrester client, you probably have access to these reports, so click on them and read them in depth. If you’re not a client, you’re certainly welcome to become one. In the meantime, read my Top 5 Posts about OmniVideo here:

  1. TV Is Dead: Long Live OmniVideo 
  2. OmniVideo Brought To You By…Technology 
  3. Core Human Needs Drive OmniVideo 
  4. OmniVideo Will Change What And How Much People Watch 
  5. Four Trends OmniVideo Predicts

Tell me about OmniVideo you encounter

I encourage you to share your thoughts with me. You can comment on my blog, but you can also send me a note about something new and I’ll try to check it out. I’m available here, or at jmcquivey at forrester.com. If you represent a vendor and want to brief me on your cool new technology or service, you can do that through official channels at Forrester Research (http://www.forrester.com/briefings).

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