“Everywhere Video” Contest Rules

I. How to enter:1) take a picture or video of your entry; 2a) post picture or video to an online photo or video sharing site or some other place where you can link to, then add a comment to the contest page with your link and whatever intro you want to give it; 2b) or, send the video or picture file to me at video AT mcquivey dot com so I can upload it to the contest page; 3) confirm your entry was received either by seeing it posted on this blog or via email receipt from me; 4) your submission certifies that you have clear copyright for the image or video you submit – you retain any liability for misrepresenting the content as your own and you grant me permission to use your example on the Omnivideo blog and in other publications in perpetuity.

II. Make sure your entry qualifies: 1) You must be at least 18 years of age to qualify; 2) You must provide your correct legal name in your submission (though you can display a nickname or other name on the blog); 3) you must provide a valid email address; 4) you must not use any profanity, nudity, illegal activity or other inappropriate materials — I will be the sole judge of inappropriate content and my decision is final; 5) you are encouraged to submit more than one entry, but each submission must be of a unique instance of video in a cool place; 6) an attempt to enter under multiple identities will result in disqualification of all entries; 7) you cannot be a direct employee or immediate family member of any of the judges to win; 8) you must have a valid US mailing address to where the grand prize can be mailed.

III. How we’ll judge: Entries received by either submission method by noon Eastern Time on Monday, December 1st will be considered by the judges for the prizes. A minimum of ten valid entries must be received in order for all three prizes to be awarded. If fewer than ten unique entires are received, only the grand prize is guaranteed to be awarded, the others may be awarded at my discretion. Entries will be evaluated subjectively by the panel of expert judges. Last-minute substitutions for judges may be required and will be made at my discretion. Decisions will be made by Monday, December 15th, at noon Eastern Time. Winners will be notified by email that day, a post announcing the winners will be posted by 6pm Eastern Time that day.


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