Free Convenience is King Webinar, Thursday Jan 29

January 28, 2009

Just a note to let you know that I’ll be hosting a free webinar tomorrow about our new Convenience Quotient methodology. I’ve written about it before on this blog as it formed the central theme of my speech to Forrester’s Consumer Forum audience last October. Since that time we’ve completed two new Convenience Quotient reports (one for mobile Internet widgets, available now, and one for whole home audio which is still working its way through our production process).

The Convenience Quotient methodology is a way to think about the benefits and barriers to a product’s success with a comprehensive measure of convenience. No, convenience is not a product feature, it is a measure of how easily a product delivers its intended benefits to its target audience. It’s powerful stuff, we’re using it to predict product and category success and we’re going back in our decade of Technographics data to validate it historically.  

I’ve also been buried working on a report presenting the methodology to our clients. Tomorrow’s free webinar will be a sneak peek at the report that is due out in another two weeks. In it, I’ll explain the background behind the methodology and show how we apply it. This is the kind of info we usually reserve for Forrester clients, but the company is eager to let the world in on our powerful secret, so we’re opening this webinar to prospects as well. Please register and attend, I’d love to get your feedback:

Complimentary Webinar “Why Convenience Is King – Creating Winning Product Strategies” January 29th at 11 am EST / 5pm CET. Register by clicking here

This webinar details Forrester’s powerful new Convenience Quotient (CQ) methodology to identify the improvements your product requires to increase the benefits or decrease the barriers that stand in the way of your consumers.

In the meantime, I’d love to start collecting your experiences with product convenience. For now, I’m interested in those of you who design, manage, and market products and services. We’ve set up a poll at SurveyMonkey to capture your experiences with product benefits, barriers, and overall convenience. You can click here to take this 6-question poll.