Biggest LED screen in the world

September 29, 2008

I have been predicting an increase in public displays, some linear and out of your control — CNN in the airport, the Target in-store end-cap displays — and some you will be able to interact with. Today, while in Philadelphia, I saw an increase in something I didn’t predict, but that I want for my very own. 

It’s the largest LED screen in the world and it lines an entire wall in the entryway to the Comcast Center in Philadelphia (new headquarters of Comcast and the tallest building in Philly now). According to Engadget, it’s 87 feet wide and 27 feet tall. The picture quality is 5x that of HD. Check out the quality:

The fun part is that when it is off, it pretends it is a wall made out of wood. See the picture below for some effects Comcast’s video designers have played with to make it looks like the images, animations, and even the weather forecast, pop off the wall.


The videowall pretends to be...a wall

The videowall pretends to be...a wall

Raises all sorts of ideas for how a videowall might be used inside your home some day. Imiagine that the video image pretends to be a static wall and can carve out space to show videos, weather forecasts, and pictures of the kids at summer camp.